Every thought captive

It is therefore the Christ of the Scriptures, the self-attesting and self-explaining Christ whom young ministers must learn to present in all his saving grace to all men everywhere.

Person-to-person confrontation with him takes place by means of, not in spite of, the Scriptures as the finished revelation of Christ.

How can we call Jesus our Lord and then refuse to make every thought, even thought itself, captive to the obedience of his Word as he has spoken it and continues to speak it, in the Scriptures? How shall we, and men in general, profit from his redemptive acts, if we do not take him and his acts to be what he himself tells us that they are?

Shall we seek access to Christ through the Holy Spirit, and insult the Word which the Spirit inspired?

Shall we first interpret ourselves, our finitude, our sin, our evil plight, in terms of criteria taken from ourselves or from the world and then turn to Jesus Christ for help in time of need?

– Cornelius Van Til, The Great Debate Today p.6-7


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