Antithetical starting points

In this excerpt from the lecture series ‘Christ and Human Thought‘, Van Til stresses the importance of recognising that a starting point, method, and conclusion are always involved with one another. There is no neutrality in the starting point and method that both Christians and non-Christians use to come to their conclusions. Fundamental to the Christian position is a philosophy of fact that is not shared by the non-Christian. Every fact is a created fact and is in accordance with the providence of God. Van Til also gives a brief outline of what Greg Bahnsen has described as the ‘two-step procedure’. We stand on the non-Christian position for argument sake to show that it leads to absurdity. We then invite the non-Christian to stand on our position to show how it, and it alone, accounts for reality.

The excerpt is taken from the lecture ‘Christ and Human Thought: Church Fathers, part 2‘ from around 24:50.


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