Revelation permutations

Man might receive revelation (a) about nature, (b) about man, and (c) about God. He might, moreover, receive such revelation from three distinct sources, that is, from three distinct immediate sources, namely, from nature, from man, and from God. The matter may be schematically presented as follows. Man might receive revelation:

A. About nature:

1. From nature        i.e., through physics
2. From self              i.e., through psycho-physics
3. From God             i.e., through theologico-physics

B. About man himself:

1. From nature        i.e., through physico-psychology
2. From self              i.e., through psychology proper
3. From God             i.e., through theologico-physcology

C. About God:

1. From nature        i.e., through natural theology
2. From self              i.e., through rational theology
3. From God             i.e., through theology proper

– Cornelius Van Til, An Introduction to Systematic Theology p.121-122

If this has piqued your interest, I encourage you to read Van Til’s ‘An Introduction to Systematic Theology‘ where he develops each of these categories over several chapters. 


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