Cornelius Van Til – 121st Birthday

Today marks 122 years since the birth of Cornelius Van Til. Here is a post I made on his birthday last year containing quotes about Van Til the man.

Cornelius Van Til

Today (3 May) marks 121 years since the birth of Cornelius Van Til. Here are a few somewhat random quotes about a great man.



“When I determined, as a result of reading Van Til, to attend Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to stay with him for a time. One of the advantages of staying with him was the occasion to walk with him on his ‘daily constitutional.’ After almost thirty years, two things still stand out to me about those walks. (1) Even as an octogenarian, Van Til could maintain a rigorous pace. More importantly, (2) I remember that every one of Van Til’s neighbors, to whom I was introduced by him, said virtually the same thing to me: ‘I suppose he’s talking to you, too, about this Jesus.'”

– K. Scott Oliphint, Van Til the Evangelist


“For all his studies, Van Til clung closely to…

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The Cradle and the Grave

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-46-22-amIt is a pity that so many people celebrate Christmas without getting any real benefit out of it. And why do they not get the proper benefit?

Because they do not correctly connect the cradle of Jesus with the grave of Jesus. Jesus came into the cradle in order that He might go into and come out of the grave. The manger without the empty tomb would be the saddest farce upon a sad-mad race.

– Cornelius Van Til, The Cradle and the Grave (From: Sermons and Addresses of Cornelius Van Til)