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Books by Cornelius Van Til

prpbooks-images-covers-md-9780875526447The Defense of the Faith

“Though Van Til often engages ideas, terms, and conversation partners unknown to contemporary readers, this work has a delightful effect in exposing the pretensions of human autonomy and the grandeur of God’s sovereign grace. In his careful, thorough, and sympathetic notes, Professor Oliphint has done us all a tremendous service.” – Michael S. Horton




Christian Apologetics

“Van Til’s application of Reformed theology to apologetics is as wide and deep and rich as that theology itself. Because of its multifaceted character, his approach can only be grasped by reading him. This introductory work is the place to begin.” – K. Scott Oliphint




prpbooks-images-covers-md-9780875527895Introduction to Systematic Theology

“One of Van Til’s two or three most important books, this is certainly a must-read for anyone who is trying to understand Van Til today. He challenges Christians to think in a distinctively biblical way. That biblical way opposes and challenges all religions and secular philosophies, all ideologies that place the ultimate source of truth and value in human beings rather than in God. Thoroughly re-edited, with an excellent introduction by William Edgar.” – John Frame


prpbooks-images-covers-md-9781596385832Common Grace and the Gospel

“Van Til’s account of the matter has been controversial, even among his disciples. But there is much we can learn from him on this subject, and anyone who wants to understand his apologetic and theology must engage his thought at this point. Scott Oliphint, who has edited other works of Van Til, has taken up the difficult but worthy task of explaining Van Til’s thoughts on common grace to twenty-first-century readers.” – John Frame



prpbooks-images-covers-md-9781596389236Christian Theistic Evidences, 2nd ed.

“There is no greater misconception about the presuppositional epistemology of Van Til than that it has no place for offering evidences for the truth of Christianity. There is no more important recognition about this epistemology, rooted in Scripture as the self-attesting revelation of the triune God essential for interpreting the whole of reality, than that it provides the only sound basis for a truly compelling presentation of the manifold evidence there is.” – Richard B. Gaffin Jr.



Free pdf files of many of Van Til’s out of print books, articles and reviews can be found here.

The Works of Cornelius Van Til on Logos


Christ and Human Thought (28 Lectures)

History and Nature of Apologetics (6 Lectures)


Books on Cornelius Van Til

0875520987m.jpgVan Til’s Apologetic, Greg Bahnsen
“This is the late Dr. Bahnsen’s testament to today’s defenders of the truth. It is an encyclopaedic synthesis of the thought of Cornelius Van Til, who was arguably the most original apologist of the twentieth century. In the grand tradition of the Sentences of the fathers, this study will be a standard for years to come.” – William Edgar




0875522459mCornelius Van Til: An Analysis of His Thought, John Frame
“Frame has given us a particularly searching and comprehensive analysis of Cornelius Van Til’s theology and apologetics. He is especially qualified to do so.” – Roger Nicole





9780875526652mCornelius Van Til: Reformed Apologist and Churchman, John Muether
“An outstanding introduction to the life and thought of Westminster Seminary’s premier apologist. Muether writes with the spirit of Van Til’s apologetic: suaviter in modo, fortieth in re – ‘gentle in persuasion, powerful in substance.’ Read and be persuaded by the powerful impact of Van Til’s gentle yet confrontational blend of vigorous thought, gracious service, and Presbyterian churchmanship. This is essential reading for understanding Van Til’s unique and creative integration of the best of the Dutch Reformed tradition with the strengths of American Presbyterianism, which gave birth to presuppositionalism and continues to energise interest in worldview analysis.” – Peter Lillback



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